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PocketRank New Update Version Live!

Version 1.1.0 (May 2014)


Added general branch unit organization information. This includes definitions and sizes. (User requested)

Added the 2014 US Military Monthly Pay Rates (User requested)

Added NATO Codes for comparison among NATO countries.

New Branch Information Layout with three separate tabs.

Revised Branch History Information.

Bug Fixes:

Requesting a next card when studying ranks will flip card to front again.

Fixed some sounds issues when iPhone/iPad was currently playing.


Please use the Contact Us button on the Settings tab to send us any bugs or enhancement requests. We take time to read and evaluate each email.

PocketRank Update

Version 1.0.1

What's new in this version?

• Added the ability to share your quiz scores to Facebook, Twitter, Mail, etc...

• Quizzes no longer can produce the same question.

• Includes equivalent rank information between branches.

• Minor UI changes based on user feedback.

•Reduced application size.

Pocket Rank

Version: 1.0

Copyright: Copyright © 2014 Shadowshiver, LLC. All rights reserved.

Primary Category: Reference

Secondary Category: Education

Rating: 4+

Compatability: iPhone

Status: Ready For Sale


Enlisting... already in the military... just curious about the U.S Military structure? PocketRank is a user-friendly app that aids in studying the ranks and rates from the five branches of the United States Military.


• Basic information on each one of the U.S Military Branches.

• Detailed information on the ranks of each branch.

• Provides study aids through study/flash cards.

• Opportunity to test your knowledge in quizzes.

• Includes sounds and imagery for each branch of service.

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