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Tally, Track and Trend Your Life's Activities
Keep track for your life activities.

Count-It provides a simple to use way to select what life activity you want to track. Use this app to follow your progress and see your trends. Count-It tallies how many times in a give day, week, or month you performed a specified activity. Compare with your results with nearby friends or post to social media.

• Simple interface of tapping and swiping each time you perform an activity

• Missed entry of an activity? No problem, you can add or removed entries for past days

• Set up which activities to track in just a few taps

• Set reminders of when no data was recorded for specific activities

• Set high, low and goal targets for daily, weekly and monthly periods

• View summary of averages, totals, maximums and minimums over various periods

• Scroll graphs of you progress and change the view to group by the day of the week or month of the year.

• Graphs are shareable to Twitter and Facebook. As well, they can be emailed or messaged for more private sharing.

• Have a friend next to you tracking the same activity? Then connect devices and instantly see a comparison between the two of you.

In-App Purchases allow for new Activity Packs and tracking Multiple Users. Multiple users is very useful for tracking activities of other family member that may not have a phone, such as infants or children.

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